Our transportation problems are complex and involve the Federal, State and local governments working together.  Having an overall plan to deal with the growth that is coming is essential in all areas of local government but especially when dealing with transportation.  Many of our road projects are required to be fully funded before they can be started and this entire process can take many years.

I approach our transportation issues in two ways:

  1. Since money is tight, and always will be, how can we get traffic moving short of a large fix?  Spotsylvania is currently doing two traffic corridor studies, one on rt-2 and rt-17 and the other is rt-1 at Four Mile Fork down to rt-17 and over to Leavells Rd.  With these studies, we will be able to identify solutions to traffic conges
  2. Widening existing roads is not the only solution.  We also need multiple ways for traffic to move.  For example, in Massaponnax, when there is a traffic accident in either direction, traffic comes to a standstill.  There are simply no other feasible routes to take to avoid the incident.  I have and will continue to push for a new connector road from Spotsylvania Ave. to Germanna Blvd. to help alleviate this issue.