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Spotsylvania County is a great place to live and raise a family. We have many challenges ahead of us. With your vote on November 5th, we can meet those challenges together.


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Hi and welcome to my website! Here, you can find information about my views on the challenges that we face in Spotsylvania county. With your support, we can tackle these challenges together and build a stronger, more efficient county.

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Education is a priority of mine and well paid teachers are an integral part of any good education system. We must find ways to make sure that the education budget has as its main focus a top notch education provided for all of our children. To do this we must urge the school board to allocate funding directly to the classroom, allowing our teachers to have the resources necessary to do their job.


Our road system has some serious issues, but even more serious is the fact that Spotsylvania County does not have a transportation master plan. I believe that before we before we pour millions of dollars into traffic fixes, we should design a plan to move traffic. We do not necessarily have to widen all main roads to four lanes or six lanes or eight to move traffic. We can implement less costly measures such as longer turn lanes that will fix traffic hotspots. Approaching this problem with a plan will allow us to actually fix traffic problems and not just complain about them.


Spotsylvania county has, over the past four years, lagged well behind our neighbors and many other jurisdictions in creating jobs. Government policies must be streamlines and regulations must be reviewed to make sure that Spotsylvania County is THE place business wants to locate. We have an enormous amount of talented residents who commute everyday outside of the county to go to work. I have talked to many people who want county officials to focus on bringing jobs to Spotsylvania County. As your elected representative, this will be one of my top priorities.

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